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1986), and/or prosthetic abutment collar interface should be. osseointegration. / Bränemark et al.1977, Adell et al.1981,. Albrektsson et al. 1981, Bränemark 1983,. Bränemark et al.

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The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants, 1, 11-25. Patients . Follow up (years) Criteria . Success/Survival Rate Implant Fixed Complete Dental Prostheses (FCDP) 36: Degidi . et al., 2009 [11] . 38 : 5 .

1986 and (Misch et al. 2008), implant mobility on clinical examination,  (Buser et al.

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The implants were removed en bloc with adjacent bone tissue after 3 to 14 months. … Albrektsson et al." investigated human dental implants that had been removed despite an undisturbed anchorage.

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Publication types Review MeSH terms Aluminum Oxide Carbon Ceramics proposed by Albrektsson and colleagues (Albrektsson et al., 1986), to iden- tify clinical evidence of successful osseointegration and survival of implants. Over the past three decades, implant Albrektsson, T., Zarb, G., Worthington, P. and Eriksson, A.R. (1986) The Long-Term Efficacy of Currently Used Dental Implants A Review and Proposed Criteria of Success. The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants, 1, 11-25. ments, Albrektsson et al.

Albrektsson et al. 1986

The most obvious sign of implant failure is mobility. The goal in implant placement is to achieve primary implant stability. It is well established that implant stability is critical for osseointegration (Albrektsson, et al., 1986, Meredith, et al., 1998). This is more important in recent days due to popular immediate/early loading protocols being implemented into treatment by many clinicians.
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Watson et al 1986.indd Emmons S (2015) The beginning of connectomics: a commentary on White et al. (1986) ‘The structure of the nervous system of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans’, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 370:1666, Online publication date: 19-Apr-2015. Belenky et al. (1986) noted that Subjectivism or (Subjective Knowing) is interchangeable with Perry’s Multiplicity because of the emphasis on personal truth in both positions. The difference is that a woman with subjective knowing holds an anti-rationalist attitude and bases her knowing on … 2012-11-01 Lebas, M.J., Lemaitre, R.W., Streckeisen, A. and Zanettin, B. (1986).

Verket och dess aktualitet. Föredrag från  Summer 1986;1(1):11-25. Authors T Albrektsson, G Zarb, P Worthington, A R Eriksson.
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